Everything You Need To Know About 24-Hour Bail Bonds

Posted on: 29 July 2021

If you or a loved one are in police custody, the easiest way to secure your freedom, albeit temporarily, is by posting bail. Bail acts as collateral that you stand to lose should you fail to appear in court for your case.

Who Qualifies for Bail?

According to the US Bail Reform Act, every accused person is entitled to bail unless charged with a capital offense. Capital offenses are serious crimes such as treason, murder, or espionage. However, the prosecution may also argue against your bail application if they deem you a flight risk, which means that they suspect you might not show up in court.

 How Can Bail Bond Agencies Help?

If you are like most people, getting arrested is not something you plan for; it generally catches you by surprise. Unfortunately, this means that you may not have money stashed away to use as bail. This is where bail bond agencies come in handy.

If you cannot raise the full bail amount, professional 24/7 bail bondsmen may offer to cover the costs for you. However, they will require that you first pay them a non-refundable premium, typically 10% of the bail amount.

Upon entering an agreement with a 24/7 bail bonds service, the agency will then pay the court the entire bail amount. This then prompts the court to release you from custody. When you show up for your trial, the court then releases the money back to the agency.

Defaulting on your bail arrangement is an ill-advised move. For one, it means that the bail-bond agency will lose out on 90% of the bail amount they posted for you. Secondly, the court will issue a warrant arrest against you, and getting bail again after defaulting is challenging. Therefore, it is best to adhere strictly to your bond terms.

 What are the benefits of Working with a 24-Hour Bail-Bond Company?


A 24-hour bail bond agency is available at all times. This means that should the arrest happen before or after regular work hours, you can still access bail services promptly. Ultimately, working with a 24-hour bail bond agency means that you will not stay in custody a minute longer than you need to.

Avoid Liquidating Your Assets

Courts routinely set bail terms beyond what an accused person can afford to deter them from skipping their hearings. If you don't have the bail amount readily available, you may have to sell some of your assets, such as your home or shares,  to raise the money. 

But if you opt to work with a professional bail-bond agency, you won't have to liquidate your assets at all. Instead, the agency covers the bail amount, which is returned to the agency once you attend court. 


Arrests can be both nerve-racking and highly inconvenient. Fortunately, you can engage a 24-hour bail bond agency to secure your prompt release. With their help, you should be released from police custody within hours.

For more information, contact a 24 hour bail bonds company in your area.