Tips For Avoiding Accidents With Tractor Trailers This Summer

Posted on: 15 April 2015

Summer is coming and thousands of Americans are preparing to take vacations that involve long road trips. If you're one of the many people thinking about traveling by car this summer, don't forget that there are an estimated 2 million tractor trailers in the United States right now. Sharing the road with tractor-trailers will be an important part of enjoying your vacation and safely reaching your destination.

These tips will help you get from point A to point B without having an accident with a tractor trailer:

Avoid Blind Spots and Stay Visible to Truck Drivers

A truck driver's blind spot is known as the "no zone." If you can't see the side-view mirrors on a tractor trailer, chances are you're driving in the no zone. The no zone of a tractor trailer can be a dangerous place. If you're too close to the truck to see the side mirrors, fall back away from the truck until you can pass safely

A fully loaded tractor trailer driving at normal speeds on the highway would need about the length of two football fields just to come to a full and complete stop. That's twice the distance that a car would require to stop. To avoid problems, never pass in front of a tractor trailer that would not have time to stop without hitting your vehicle.  

Also important to remember is that trucks have a no zone in front of their vehicle, below the line of sight of the driver. When passing in front of a truck, wait until you can see the vehicle's entire front end from your rear window. 

Use your turn signals to indicate to the driver of the tractor trailer that you'll be passing his or her vehicle . This will give the driver time to slow down and let you in, if your car is too close to the front end of the tractor trailer.  

Know What to Do If You're Involved in an Accident

Car accidents with tractor trailers can lead to devastating injuries and medical bills. Know what to do if an accident occurs. Law firms that specialize in auto accidents with tractor trailers can provide you with the expertise and know-how. By contacting an expert, you can get the compensation you need. If you are in an auto accident involving a tractor trailer, reach out to an experienced and skilled attorney in your area.

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