• DIY Divorce Vs Hiring A Divorce Attorney — Which Is Better?

    Thanks to access to the internet, you may not have to go to a divorce law firm when you decide you want to dissolve a marriage. Many DIY divorces happen a year, and, for some couples, everything may seem to work out fine. Due to this known fact, a lot of people opt to try to handle filing for divorce on their own and never seek legal counsel. The question is whether a DIY divorce is really a good idea.
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  • How An OVI Lawyer Will Help You Get Your License Back

    A driver's license is a vital part of everyday life. You need it to get to school, work, and anywhere else you need to go. Unfortunately, you can lose your license if you're arrested for operating a vehicle while impaired. In the US, one person dies every forty-five minutes due to a crash caused by an impaired driver. This is why OVI (operating a vehicle impaired) is considered a serious offense.
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