How An OVI Lawyer Will Help You Get Your License Back

Posted on: 25 January 2023

A driver's license is a vital part of everyday life. You need it to get to school, work, and anywhere else you need to go. Unfortunately, you can lose your license if you're arrested for operating a vehicle while impaired. In the US, one person dies every forty-five minutes due to a crash caused by an impaired driver. This is why OVI (operating a vehicle impaired) is considered a serious offense. If you're arrested for OVI, all hope isn't lost. An experienced OVI lawyer can help you get your license back. Here's how they'll do it: 

Challenge the Suspension

Your license suspension can be challenged if your rights were violated or certain procedures weren't followed during your arrest. Your rights may be infringed upon if the traffic stop was illegal, the officer didn't explain your rights before taking a breath test, or you were pressured into signing documents. An experienced OVI defense attorney can review your case and determine if your rights were violated. If they discover this happened, they'll use the information they've collected to counter the prosecution's case, challenge the suspension, and get your license reinstated.

Negotiate Alternative Sentencing

Living without your license can significantly impact your life. It could cost you your job or make it hard for you to get to important places like doctor's appointments. Luckily, you can get alternative sentencing instead of license suspension if you're charged with OVI.

OVI defense attorneys are experienced negotiators who know how to navigate the legal system and defend their client's interests. They understand the consequences that can come with a license suspension and will work tirelessly to get you an alternative sentence that won't take away your license. This could include community service, completing an alcohol or drug education course, or paying a small fine.

Petition the Court to Reinstate Your License

You may get your license back through a court process. However, going through court procedures may be challenging without a legal representative by your side. OVI defense attorneys understand these processes and can petition the court to restore your license. They'll protect your rights, help you with the paperwork and ensure you fulfill requirements.

An OVI lawyer can be an invaluable resource when it comes to getting your license back after an arrest. They have experience in challenging suspensions, negotiating plea deals, filing petitions, and representing you in court. If you hire them, you'll increase your chances of getting your license back. Contact a local OVI lawyer to learn more.