Two Concerns About Worker's Compensation Cases Addressed

Posted on: 4 June 2015

Workplace injuries can be one of the most devastating experiences that many people will encounter in their lives. Whether it results in a permanent disability or a lengthy recovery, individuals can find their lives turn upside down when they are injured on the job. Fortunately, the law requires businesses to carry worker's compensation insurance for these instances, but this is a type of insurance that many people are uninformed about. Having the following two questions answers should help you to better understand how this protection applies to your situation. 

What If The Accident Happens In Another State?

There are many jobs that require the workers to travel across the country. Whether it is as a salesman or a construction worker, injuries that happen in far away states may seem like they will be more complicated, but this is not usually the case. In most instances, the worker will be covered under the workers' compensation law of the state where their employer is located. 

However, this distance can make it a little more difficult to obtain the copies of the required medical records if you require emergency treatment. In these instances, you will need to notify your employer of the situation as soon as possible so that they can start the process of requesting these documents. 

Do The Benefits Continue Being Paid If The Worker Dies?

Some workplace injuries can result in permanent disabilities, and these cases will require the worker to be paid compensation for the remainder of their lives. Unfortunately the worker's family, these benefits will usually be stopped if they die. Yet, it should be noted that there may be times when these benefits may continue following the passing of the worker.  

This will require the family to prove that the worker's death was directly related to the injury that they suffered while on the job. Sadly, this can be an extremely complicated task for a variety reasons. As a result, you should always seek the counsel of an experienced workers compensation attorney. These professionals will be able to provide you with the guidance that you need to successfully navigate this process. 

Filing for worker's compensation benefits can be a stressful process because most people seldom understand this process. A lack of knowledge and experience with this process can further add to the stress of filing for these benefits. By knowing how injuries that happen in different states are handled and what happens when the worker dies, you will be much better prepared to go through this process.