Don't Represent Yourself In A Divorce – Here Are Some Very Good Reasons To Hire A Divorce Lawyer

Posted on: 30 October 2015

It might seem like the sensible way to handle your divorce proceedings. You think that by representing yourself in court, you can save money, and perhaps the whole process will go easier than if you have legal representation. This is rarely the case. Here are some very good reasons you should hire a divorce lawyer instead of representing yourself.

Unfamiliarity With the Law

One of the biggest mistakes in representing yourself in court is that you most likely don't know enough about family law to get a fair settlement. Judges will not show you special treatment and will uphold you to the same standards and knowledge a divorce lawyer has. A lawyer knows exactly what documents to show, what to say to prove your side of the argument and knows how to protect your rights and those of any children you may have.

They Are Objective

A divorce is a truly emotional time, and unless you and your spouse are in agreement about most things, there are going to be some very hard feelings. When you are feeling sad and betrayed or even angry, it is impossible to feel objective and even fair toward your spouse. A lawyer may work for you, but they are able to keep an emotional distance from the case in order to ensure that wise decisions are made during the process. They may also have recommendations for other professionals such as counselors or financial advisers if the need arises.

You Don't Know All Possible Legal Options

Every case is different and a family lawyer can assess your case and advise you accordingly, even to the point of informing you of the likely outcome of your case. They are able to offer you a wide range of options that you wouldn't know are available. They can also go over any proposal your spouse comes up with and tell you if it's a reasonable offer or if you should counter with an offer of your own.

Paperwork Can Be Overwhelming

There is more to a divorce than just attending court dates; there is a lot of paperwork involved too. Sometimes it might feel that the entire process is mired in endless streams of paperwork. It is very important to know which forms relate to you and when to submit them and which information a judge needs from you to make a fair settlement for both parties. If you don't fill out the right forms and fail to provide all the documentation the judge needs, the case could very easily not go your way. It makes the process easier and faster to let a divorce lawyer handle the paperwork for you. Visit the law office of Kristine A. Michael, P.C. today to find a divorce lawyer for your case.