Staying In Touch With Your Kids When You Do Not Have Visitation

Posted on: 18 November 2015

Divorce is hard on anyone, but kids are often affected the most. Because they are not aware of the entire situation and have no idea what to expect, this can be a very confusing time for them. Your time will not be split up between two places like it will be for the kids. Visitation is great in that it allows the kids to spend time with both parents, but it can also be very confusing going back and forth. About 50% of kids in North America experience a divorce between their parents. The transition of going back and forth between parents can be very difficult on both you and the kids. Here are some ways to stay in touch with the kids when they are visiting their other parent. 

Set a Specific Phone Time

Children of divorced parents are more likely to experience symptoms of psychological distress. When they have had a rough day at school and you don't get to see them, it can definitely make you feel isolated from them. A daily phone call set for a specific time can help reassure them of a normal routine even when everything around them is chaotic. If they know that you plan to call them everyday at the same time, it can make it easier for everyone to plan around it. 

Be There for Bedtime

Even when your kids are staying with their other parent for the night, there is still a way to be a part of their nighttime routine. If your kids are smaller and enjoy reading books before bed, you can record yourself reading the books. This provides you the opportunity to continue to read to them and they will get to hear your voice every night before bed. 

Hide a Note in Their Stuff

You can't possibly know what your child is going through at every moment when they are away, but you can still let them know you are thinking about them. Calling them several times a day is not always feasible and it can aggravate the other parent. Instead, slip a note into their stuff so they know you are thinking about them. 

Stay Involved in Their Interests

If your child has a favorite television show, then it is important that you show some interest in it. Make a point to watch the show even when your child is not with you. This way, when you do get a chance to talk to them, you will have something to talk about what they are interested in. 

However, if you you're looking to change your visitation rights or alter the schedule, consider contacting a family law attorney, such as McKissick & McKissick, and your previous spouse to discuss the possibilities.