Online Employment Pre-Screening Can Make Your Hiring Process Easier

Posted on: 29 November 2016

When you are looking for new employees, you may get a whole lot of applicants. That can mean that you have to spend a lot of time looking at applications and trying to sort out who will meet your needs and who won't. And then once you find applicants who may meet your needs, you may have to have those prospective employees take tests and other assessments to judge their skills. That can take a whole lot more time. However, there are easier ways to do it. One is to use an online pre-screening process. 

Online Pre-Screening

The pre-screening process is generally facilitated by a program that has been set up for you. The company will talk to you about your needs and then give you access to a website for the applicants to use. On your end, you will get access to all the information submitted by each applicant, after they have been screened, so that you can make the decisions you need. There are different parts of online employment pre-screening that you can use. 


One thing that you can do is to use the screening program just as an application process. The applicant will be able to go to a website that will let them fill out your application. Once they have input all their information, the program will automatically go through the applications and sort them out according to criteria that you have submitted. Only the applications that meet your criteria will come to you for your consideration. 


Another thing that you can do with a pre-screening process is to have the applicant take assessments and skills tests. You can either have all applicants take these tests after they have applied or just send the link out to applicants that have met your criteria and that you are interested in. The pre-screening can do things like test typing skills and speed and recognition of various parts and how they are handled. The program will sort through all the results and, again, based on your criteria, will give you the applicants who have scored higher than you have required. 

Sorting through applications and screening applications can take a lot of your time. You may not have the time to do that yourself if you are short-handed. Or you may not want to do all that yourself. You can work with a company like Legal Locator Service, L.L.C. that specializes in online employment pre-screening to make the hiring process much easier for you.