Tips For Handling Your Separation

Posted on: 27 December 2017

When you decide to separate from your spouse, you may be somewhat intimidated by what this process will involve. However, there may not be a better option for providing you with a fresh start on life after your relationship has reached the end. When you are in the early stages of handling this separation, there are several key points that you should keep in mind so that you can avoid some common problems and issues.

Appreciate the Benefits of Minimizing Your Reliance on the Courts to Resolve Contentious Points

There are some individuals who will simply assume that the court system will resolve any of the disputes they have regarding their separation. While it is possible for the courts to issue rulings on these points, it may not always be the most desirable outcome, as you will have very limited input over the way that the courts decide to resolve your disputes. By opting for a negotiated separation agreement, you can be better able to help ensure that the final terms of the separation align with your wants and needs.

Avoid Having Emotionally Driven Reactions Throughout This Process

Separating from a spouse can be a stressful event to go through. Not surprisingly, it can be easy for individuals to lose their sense of emotional balance and calm during these discussions. In order to avoid weakening your position, you should pay special attention to your emotional state. Becoming irrationally angry at the other spouse can lead to you saying things that weaken your position, or agreeing to terms that may not be what you want. To help you avoid becoming overly emotional, you may want to direct all communications regarding the separation through your attorney. This will give you time to formulate a response with the assistance of your attorney.

Understand the Limits of a Prenuptial Agreement

It is common for a couple to sign prenuptial agreements. These agreements are in place to help reduce the uncertainty and conflict that can arise from separation proceedings. While these agreements can be powerful tools, there are limits to the protections that they offer. In particular, it is possible for these agreements to be voided by certain actions, such as infidelity, abuse, or other acts. These exact terms can vary from one prenuptial agreement to another, which is why it may be wise for you to allow an attorney to review your prenuptial agreement so that they can advise you as to whether it will be worth contesting.

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