3 Tips For Women Going Through A Divorce

Posted on: 9 May 2018

Deciding to file for divorce is a life-shattering decision, but it doesn't have to be the end of the world. If you do it right, it could act as a fresh opportunity to start your life anew. If you are a woman who will soon be filing for divorce, here are a few things you should do before you break the news to your partner.

Write Down the Numbers

Some women out there are used to letting the man of the house handle the family's finances. If this description fits you, you're going to want to do some financial legwork before you file. Figure out what your monthly expenses and income are right now, and then go down the lists and figure out what will be going away or need to be added once you are divorced. Knowing the numbers will give you confidence that you are prepared to move forward with your divorce.

Get Separate Accounts in Advance

If you currently have all of your finances tied up in the same accounts, you need to start discretely creating your own accounts now before you file. Get your own bank account, your own investment account, and maybe even a second phone and line. If you don't want evidence of these accounts showing up in your mailbox, get a P.O. Box or sign up for paperless billing.

Hire an Attorney

Before you serve your husband with his walking papers, you'll want to sit down with a divorce lawyer. A divorce lawyer will be able to go over your paperwork and also help you look at your financial situation so you can make any adjustments needed before the legal process begins. Even if you believe the divorce will be uncontested, you should still have an attorney who can watch your back at all times. Don't let your husband talk you into only going through a mediator. Bring your lawyer with you to any and all divorce proceedings.

Divorce is an emotional time, but it's important to keep your mind clear and focused if you want to get a fresh start the right way. Take the time to go over your financial situation in detail and create a budget for the days ahead. Open separate banking or other accounts as needed to start creating space between yourself and your husband. For best results, contact a local divorce lawyer for additional tips on how to get started.