3 Things You May Hear To Discourage You From Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney

Posted on: 3 June 2018

We live in a litigious society, and often people think that if they hire a lawyer, it is only to get more money than they are entitled to. They are simply being greedy. Claims adjusters and attorneys for insurance companies depend upon this type of thinking, and they will use it as one of their tools to discourage you from hiring an attorney. They know that without an attorney, you will take less money than you would otherwise receive if you had legal representation. The following are only three things you may hear after a personal injury.

1. If you hire an attorney, you are hiring a middleman

Basically, you will be made an offer, and then told that it is a very good offer. But if you hire an attorney, you will be paying your attorney money that should be a part of your compensation. In effect, by not taking the check that an insurance company is waving in front of your eyes, you will be getting less money later, after an attorney gets involved. Today's offer is the best offer you will get. This can be appealing because you know an attorney will take a portion of the settlement. However, it is likely that you will still receive more money after an attorney takes their share than you would if you accepted the offer by the insurance company.

2. Their offer expires today

Or their offer expires in a certain period of time. They are likely to make it sound like your only choice is to take the offer or get nothing. As if there is an expiration date for a settlement offer. This is deceptive and is only geared toward getting you to take the offer and sign away any future claims. The truth is that each state has a statute of limitations for bringing a legal action for personal injury, but it is usually measured in years, not days. This type of tactic is meant to get you to settle quickly and not contact an attorney.

3. We can only pay you for your medical expenses

What an insurance company is really saying is that they only want to pay for medical expenses. However, you may be entitled to more. Missed work is one example, pain and suffering another. But even in the case of medical expenses, they are likely to pay for immediate medical expenses and not long-term rehabilitation that may be necessary.

Whatever you do, pay no attention to what an insurance company is telling you. A personal injury attorney is the person who should be talking to an insurance company, negotiating on your behalf. Your best chance of getting all of the compensation you are entitled to is by hiring an attorney.