Failing To Yield While Driving Could Yield A Traffic Ticket

Posted on: 12 September 2018

When you're behind the wheel of your car, it's important to not only be aware of the speed at which you're traveling as well as ensuring that you're following all of the applicable traffic rules but also to notice other people around you. Being aware of your surroundings in this regard isn't just a matter of avoiding accidents — in many scenarios, you'll need to yield for someone else. Should you fail to yield and have a police officer notice the incident, you could receive a ticket for this driving infraction. If you want to fight the ticket, hiring a traffic violation attorney is a smart idea. Here are some people to whom you'll need to yield.


As a driver, it's easy to get so focused on watching other motorists and paying attention to street signs that you aren't overly aware of the pedestrians around you. It's important that you're always scanning the sidewalks and roadsides to watch for pedestrians. For example, if a pedestrian were attempting to cross a city street at a crosswalk and you were to drive through the crosswalk because you didn't notice him or her, this is an example of failing to yield for the pedestrian. As such, it's a violation that could lead to a ticket.

Emergency Vehicles

It's also important to yield quickly to emergency vehicles, regardless of whether they're approaching you from behind, from the front, or from either side. Always keeping your ears open for sirens is a good way to be prepared for the presence of an emergency vehicle, and knowing to pull off the road — or, in some cases, pull as far to one side of your lane as you can — will give the emergency vehicle adequate space to get past you. You should also try to remember that holding up an emergency vehicle doesn't just lead to a ticket — it could also put the life of whoever is waiting for the vehicle at risk.

Other Motorists

Make sure that you always notice yield signs so that you can yield to other motorists. For example, if you're entering a roundabout, it's common for you to see a yield sign. This means that you need to allow the drivers inside the roundabout to move past you before you safely enter. If you were to dart into the roundabout and perhaps cut someone off, a nearby police officer may choose to give you a ticket for not yielding.