Notaries, Translators, And Interventions, Oh My! Law Firm Services You Forgot All About

Posted on: 14 February 2019

Law firms provide legal counsel, this is true, but they do offer a lot of other services as well. In fact, many people who have never had to seek law firm services or legal counsel before are often surprised by the other little services that many law firms provide. The following examples are the ones you have forgotten about or never knew that law firms provided.


Most lawyers find it extremely convenient to take the short class to become notary publics. It is convenient for them from the standpoint that any time they need to notarize their own legal documents and papers for filing, they can just go ahead and do that, rather than hunt down someone else in the firm or someone outside the firm to notarize things for them. That said, if you need anything notarized, lawyers are happy to provide this service for a nominal fee. 


When you do not speak English very well, or you are trying to resolve a conflict with someone who does not speak English, you need a translator. These days, numerous lawyers are attempting to be bilingual, often with French or Spanish as their second language. A few more may speak Chinese or Japanese, and occasionally Russian, Korean, or Hmong. If you are not sure how to reach a bilingual lawyer who can translate for you, you can always call a law firm and ask about translators. Since it is common practice for law firms to have at least one lawyer that can speak another language and to have several people who just act as translators as valuable contacts in their lists of contacts, you are sure to find the right translator to speak for you. 


Whether it is bill collectors calling you and harassing you, or your ex-spouse making a nuisance of him/herself, you need someone to act as a buffer and communicator. Lawyers frequently intervene on behalf of their clients to stop harassment and obnoxious behavior. Once you hire a lawyer just for the sake of intervening on your behalf, every phone call, every email, and every message can be forwarded to the lawyer, and you are able to refer the annoying person(s) to your lawyer so that they will leave you alone. If you are hiring a bankruptcy lawyer, a divorce lawyer, etc., you can almost certainly be guaranteed of the intervention of your lawyer on your behalf.