Need Disability Coverage? What You Should Do Before You File

Posted on: 20 March 2019

If you've been a hard worker for the majority of your life, it can come as quite a shock when you realize that you can no longer financially support yourself. Whether it's because of an accident or a disease that developed over a long period of time, the feelings of powerlessness can be crippling. You still need monetary resources to get by, and you might have been hearing more and more about filing disability. Although the process might seem simple and you could meet all of the requirements, there are still certain things you can do to speed up the journey to approval. If you plan to file for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), the tips below can provide valuable information that can help you get it done the right way.

Work With A SSDI Service

Lots of people file for disability coverage each year, but not everybody makes it through to the finish. A whopping seventy percent of all initial disability claims are denied. That's a staggering number and you definitely don't want to be counted in that bunch.

You need your filing to be worded in the most legal, convincing way so that it will get noticed and taken seriously. The lawyers at a Social Security Disability Insurance service center can work with you to help you fill out your application and get everything completed correctly. It can be intimidating to look at the disability application, but working with someone who is knowledgeable can really simplify the process and give you the confidence you need to make it all happen.

Keep Good Medical Records

If you haven't been strict about keeping up with your medical records, now is the time to change. You're going to need accurate records which can be backed up with solid evidence if you plan to be approved for disability.

Start by writing down the name and contact information for every doctor you've seen about your particular issue. The phone numbers, addresses, and email information for each medical professional needs to be accurate and verifiable. Add the date for each time you visited each doctor and include documentation which outlines exactly what the doctor did. Including factual data keeps you from getting the run-around as the disability workers struggle to confirm what you've listed in your filing.

Being approved for disability can be the beginning of a much better financial life. Take the process seriously, and you can hopefully expect to receive the money you need to support yourself once again.