3 Things You Should Do If You Have A Slip And Fall Accident

Posted on: 3 September 2019

No one plans to have an accidental slip and fall occur while they are shopping. However, you should be aware of what you should do in case something like this happens. This will ensure that your case is handled well so you can be reimbursed for medical and other expenses. 

Contact a Doctor

When you first slip and fall, you will be stunned and maybe even embarrassed. Because of this you may not even realize how badly you are injured. You should never get up from your fall and tell everyone around you that you are fine and not hurt in any way. Instead, visit a doctor just in case you are injured. Once you see the doctor, they will examine you and fill out a report of their findings.

 You also need to document all expenses that you pay for every doctor appointment that you have, as well as any expenses you have from a hospital if you were badly injured.

Take Photographs

As soon as you stand up, take photographs of the floor where you fell. This will show proof that there was something spilled that caused you to slip and fall. This could also be some type of object that was in your way that caused you to fall. 

If you carry a smartphone you should have no problem taking photographs. When doing this, make sure the photographs are up close to the item on the floor. Also, in your phone make a note of the date of the accident, as well as what time you slipped and fell down. Once you have the photographs on your phone, make sure you backup your phone or backup the pictures to the cloud to ensure that you do not lose them.

Contact an Attorney

The next thing you should do is to contact a slip and fall attorney. This is important as they can take immediate action to help you. The slip and fall attorney will talk with the store owner about your accident. This is to see if the store manager will refuse to pay or will not admit to any wrongdoing on their part.

Your attorney will also speak with other store employees to see if any of them witnessed the accident. If the stores use cameras, your fall may have been on a recording. This is especially true if the fall happened outside of their store.  Hiring an attorney will ensure that you get paid for all the money you spent on medical bills, as well as money paid from time you had to miss from work.

Talk to the slip and fall attorney that you hire. They can give you much more information.