Should You Call The Police After A Minor Accident?

Posted on: 8 November 2019

Any car accident, no matter how minor, needs to be reported to law enforcement and you need to obtain a police report. Some drivers choose not to contact the police if the damages seem minor and no one is injured. However, you should still report the accident anyway. Here is why you need to call the police after any car accident.

You May Not Receive Damages

If you were hit by another driver and they are liable, that driver should be the one to pay for any damage you endured. You can exchange insurance information, but it is not a guarantee you will receive payment. The police report is an important piece of evidence to help prove your damages. The other driver has no obligation to pay you, particularly if they are not honest when the insurance company calls them. They can easily deny the entire accident, which means you are on the hook for any money you have to pay to repair your vehicle.

Even if the other driver does admit fault, they are not legally required to give you a dime. When you do not report an accident, there is nothing there to enforce the payment from the other driver. You can attempt to file a lawsuit, but without evidence from law enforcement, it will be your word against the other driver's.

You May Be Hurt and Not Know

Although minor accidents do not always result in physical injuries, you could begin to feel some pain within hours of being hit. The lack of injuries is the main reason why many people choose not to call the police.

However, if you are hit by another driver and you do not file a police report, you will have to pay any medical bills after the fact. The expenses can climb into the thousands, which would be covered if the other driver was negligent in the accident.

If you report the accident and the other driver is proven to be negligent, their insurance policy will pay for your hospital bills and for any additional medical treatment you may need.

You May Break the Law

Some states require drivers to call the police after any car accident under law. For example, a state may require a police report if the accident involved alcohol or drug use by one of the drivers. If you are in doubt of the laws in your state, it is best to be safe and call the police no matter what.

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