How To Present Yourself During A Child Custody Battle

Posted on: 3 March 2020

In some circumstances, you might find that a custody battle is your only option. You will want to work with a divorce custody lawyer and do everything you can to try to settle out of court. However, if this isn't possible, you'll need to know how to present yourself.

Don't Create Drama

When you fight a custody battle, you'll want to minimize how much drama occurs because your children will suffer otherwise. Minimizing drama will also help you avoid situations that could reflect poorly on you in the eyes of the court. 

Work With Your Ex

Show that you are willing to work with your ex. Show that you were trying to negotiate. Also, don't make a decision regarding your child that would be very inconvenient to your ex. For example, don't move far away, which may prevent your ex from seeing your child. When it is time to pick up your child, don't be late. If it's time to drop your child off with your ex, don't make them wait too long.

Improve Your Living Arrangements

If you want your kids to be living with you, it's essential that your living arrangements are such that they are suitable for your child. For example, make sure that your child will have their own room. If you have a roommate and a lack of space in your home, this may make you a less appealing option in the eyes of the court.

Request a Custody Evaluation

Your ex may try to create a negative impression of you. One way around this is to request an in-home custody evaluation. A social worker will come to your home and give a neutral and independent assessment of your home. The goal is to determine what is best for your children. Always tell the truth to the social worker because they are often trained to pick up signs of lying. If everything you say turns out to be true, the social worker will be less likely to be skeptical of your home life.

Educate Yourself About Your Case

Learn everything you can about your case so that you can appear informed when you bring it to court. Read about child custody laws. Speak with a divorce custody lawyer so that you can understand what your options are and what your odds are of winning custody.

To learn more about custody, reach out to a divorce custody lawyer in your area today.