How Car Accident Foot Injuries Are Valued

Posted on: 17 July 2020

If you sustained a foot injury during a car accident, unfortunately, you may be forced to experience the symptoms of this injury for years to come. A foot injury does not just cause pain; it can also affect your mobility and more importantly, your ability to earn an income. Learn how foot injuries are valued and how victims are compensated.

Corrective Options

One of the first factors that the insurance company will investigate is whether or not the damage to your foot is corrective. The vast majority of foot injuries, including sprains, are corrective. Through surgical methods, immobilization techniques, and therapy, a foot injury victim can commonly restore the health of their foot. 

However, there are some foot injuries, such as multiple severe fractures that can be treated, but not corrected. People in this group will experience lifelong effects from the injury. Injuries that fall in this latter category often have a higher value.

Contributing Medical Factors

If you have a contributing medical factor that may make your foot injury worse, an attorney will work to ensure the insurance company includes this factor in the value of your injury claim. Take someone with diabetes, for instance. People with diabetes often require a longer period to heal from foot injuries due to the effects the disease has on the body. 

As a result, someone without diabetes may be able to heal from the injury in 3 months, whereas someone with diabetes may require upwards of 5 months. The greater the duration of the recovery, typically, the greater the value of the claim.  

Lifestyle Factors

Foot injury claims are also valued based on the impact the injuries have on your lifestyle, both personally and professionally. In terms of a personal effect, an avid marathon runner who is no longer able to compete because of a foot injury may see an increase in their injury claim value due to the pain and suffering associated with no longer being able to compete. 

In terms of your professional life, foot injures that halt or reduce your ability to earn an income can also be elevated in value. An attorney will review every aspect of the injury's effect on your life to ensure you are compensated adequately.

The above represent only some of the factors insurance companies use to assess the value of a foot injury claim, so the information should only be used as a reference. To gather more details specific to your injury, you need to speak with a car accident attorney about your specific condition to learn more about valuing your injury claim.