What Should You Never Do After Being Stopped For DUI? Find Out

Posted on: 18 July 2022

Being stopped for DUI can be frightening, and you might be worried about the impacts the arrest might have on your life. Unfortunately, your anxiety might lead to costly mistakes prompting the law enforcers to file charges against you. As a result, it might be challenging to defend yourself in court, which will increase your chances of getting a severe punishment. Therefore, you should consider contacting a DUI attorney after your arrest to advise you on what to avoid to prevent your situation from worsening. They will recommend that you should not do the following.

Admitting That You Have Taken Intoxicants   

If you've never been arrested for DUI, you might assume that telling the truth will make the police set you free. Therefore, you might decide to tell them that you had only taken one or two beers. While this might be an honest statement, it might land you in trouble because it can give the police a reason to undertake tests to determine whether you're capable of driving. In addition, admitting that you have been drinking might increase your chances of facing criminal charges. The police could still charge you even if the test results indicate your blood alcohol level was not above the recommended amount. For these reasons, your attorney will ask you not to say anything when the police ask you whether you have been drinking. Instead, they will tell you to tell them that you're exercising your constitutional rights not to answer their questions.

Arguing With the Law Enforcers

Arguing with the law enforcers might also make your DUI challenging to beat. There is a possibility that the police will inform the prosecutor that you were troublesome during the arrest. This information might give your lawyer a hard time as they try to resolve, dismiss or plead down your charges during a pre-trial. Therefore, you need to be polite when the police stop you. Even if you don't want to take the test, tell them you have the right not to take it instead of arguing.

Delaying to Get Legal Help

Delaying to get legal help increases the chances of making costly mistakes that might make the judge find you guilty of DUI. As a result, you risk paying a hefty fine, spending time behind bars, or paying more on insurance premiums. However, when you contact an attorney immediately after your arrest, they will know the strategies to reduce your charges and eliminate or lessen penalties.

The three mistakes above might complicate your DUI case, making it challenging to beat your charges. The best way to avoid them is by contacting a DUI defense lawyer right after the police pull you over. They will advise you on what to do as they look for ways to secure your release.