3 Serious Mistakes Your Legal Advisor Wants You To Avoid When You Have A Pending Injury Claim

Posted on: 28 December 2022

There is no guaranteed formula for winning an injury claim or getting the highest payment possible from the wrongdoer. However, you can take certain measures to increase your chances of getting a favorable outcome when you file a claim. This is why you need to speak to an attorney before taking legal action after someone injures you through negligent acts. When you do this, your attorney will advise you on the steps to ensure you get the highest payment possible for sustained injuries. They will then caution against making the following mistakes that might jeopardize your lawsuit.

Assuming You Can Handle the Lawsuit on Yourself 

Some claims seem straightforward, especially when it's evident that the wrongdoer injured the complainant. When this is the case, some plaintiffs decide to handle the legal process themselves. Unfortunately, these lawsuits sometimes become complex, and you may face challenges navigating the legal process. Consequently, the defendant gets the upper hand in the case and avoids compensating you.

This explains why you should not attempt to handle an injury lawsuit alone, even if it seems like a clear-cut case. Instead, hire a lawyer to handle the legal process for you, as they will take all the necessary steps to ensure you get maximum payments. Additionally, they will know how to deal with any complex issues that may crop up in your case to ensure a favorable outcome.

Concluding Negotiations Before Recovering Fully

If your injuries force you to stop working, it might be challenging to foot your medical bills and support your family. In such a case, you might accept a settlement fairly early to get financial assistance to support yourself until you're ready to return to work. However, this is a costly mistake and can make you lose a substantial amount of money you rightfully deserve. More importantly, note that you can't ask for any other payment if you accept the first offer. This is why you should wait until your lawyer determines the payment you should get before concluding the settlement negotiations.

Discussing Your Case on Social Media

Agents representing insurance companies use different strategies to avoid paying complaints the payment they deserve. This includes monitoring a plaintiff's social media activity and using their posts to weaken the case. For this reason, your lawyer will want you to watch what goes on your socials while the claim is pending.

The three mistakes during an ongoing injury claim can make you fail to get your rightful payment. On the other hand, the best way to avoid them is by working with a personal injury lawyer.

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