"Light-Duty Work" And Your Workers' Compensation Claim

Posted on: 29 May 2019
"Light-duty work" is one of the most frequently confusing issues that injured workers face. When you've suffered an on-the-job injury, it's generally best to give your body plenty of time to heal—and that means staying off the job. However, employers frequently will push "light-duty" assignments on injured employees and encourage them to take it, rather than stay on workers' comp. If you find yourself in that position, here are some of the most important things that you need to keep in mind about your rights.
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Top Reasons To Hire A Whistleblower Protection Attorney

Posted on: 26 April 2019
If you have learned of illegal, fraudulent, or unethical activity being conducted at the company that you work for, you may be stressed or scared. Most moral people feel an obligation to immediately report illegal, fraudulent, or unethical activities, but it is normal to fear retaliation or the illegal use of repercussions. Don't let your fear keep you from exposing the truth-- there are laws to protect you in the event that you become a whistleblower and bring illegal activities to light.
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Need Disability Coverage? What You Should Do Before You File

Posted on: 20 March 2019
If you've been a hard worker for the majority of your life, it can come as quite a shock when you realize that you can no longer financially support yourself. Whether it's because of an accident or a disease that developed over a long period of time, the feelings of powerlessness can be crippling. You still need monetary resources to get by, and you might have been hearing more and more about filing disability.
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Notaries, Translators, And Interventions, Oh My! Law Firm Services You Forgot All About

Posted on: 14 February 2019
Law firms provide legal counsel, this is true, but they do offer a lot of other services as well. In fact, many people who have never had to seek law firm services or legal counsel before are often surprised by the other little services that many law firms provide. The following examples are the ones you have forgotten about or never knew that law firms provided. Notarization Most lawyers find it extremely convenient to take the short class to become notary publics.
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