Two Times When A Stepparent Becomes Responsible For Child Support Payments

Posted on: 1 December 2022
Because they are not biologically related, stepparents generally are not required to pay child support to their ex-spouses for stepchildren, even if they did financially contribute to the kids' care during the marriage. Like many things, though, there are rare times when a stepparent will be ordered to pay child support for stepchildren, and here are two of them. They Established a Parental Relationship With the Child Stepparents are expected to develop good relationships with their stepchildren.
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4 Developing Trends In Corporate Litigation

Posted on: 31 October 2022
Corporate litigation is as old as the formal structures surrounding businesses. Legal issues within the corporate world, though, are far from static. Businesses need to keep an eye on these four developing trends that are leading to lawsuits involving corporations. Data Breaches Especially with the rise of government regulations regarding privacy rights and data, the model for suing companies for breaches is rapidly solidifying. Not only do private individuals and privacy rights groups bring civil cases against companies, but governments are increasingly pursuing such suits, too.
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Are You Contemplating Disinheriting Your Child? Here's What You Should Know Beforehand

Posted on: 7 October 2022
Most parents do everything possible to give their children a comfortable life and mold them to be responsible citizens. Unfortunately, some kids deviate from their parents' guidance as they grow up; they become irresponsible or engage in criminal activities. Such behaviors may cause you to feel like your child cannot handle a large inheritance. Because of this, you might decide to exclude them from your will and give your more responsible family members priority in inheriting your estate.
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When to Hire a Social Security Law Firm When Applying for Disability Benefits

Posted on: 9 September 2022
If you have a disability, one option for receiving money is Social Security Disability benefits. They are given to people who've worked long enough and are a certain age. If you're left with any of these particular issues when it comes to getting these benefits, work with a Social Security law firm in your area. Application Roadblocks To receive Social Security Disability benefits, you'll have to submit an application. If you ever have problems with it, such as not understanding a certain clause or if you're not sure what information to put down exactly, you should hire a Social Security law firm.
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